Strong Roots

Strong Roots

Today was my first trail run in over a month. It felt good to be out in the sun breathing the ocean air.  I have to map my run on to see how far I went, but it was somewhere around 3 miles. I ran the second half 2 minutes faster than the firs, which was hard because of so much uphill.  I was reminded again of my theme for this year, which God has been speaking to me about: Perseverance.

Ahhhh, yes. No matter how many times I stumble around obstacles or am waylaid by injury or sickness, I get back up and go run again. It’s the same old story pounded out step by step. In the past, I would get sidetracked by long standing struggles which would take so long I eventually ended up distracted by other choices. For example, I would work out for 5 months straight (almost daily) and then end up doing nothing for months. Distractions such as stress from work or travelling, etc would lead to a loss of the healthy habit.

In my coaching training and while being coached, I learned lots of great strategies to minimize these problems, but ultimately it comes down to my WILL to move forward, to not give up. Perseverance is a mental muscle that needs exercised. Just as with running I am building more muscles fibers, I’m deepening the connections for my mental muscles also. To mix a metaphor, I view it as growing deep roots so that eventually the inevitable distractions and hardships that cross my trail will not send me completely off my path.

On the trail today, after a big storm with 50-60 mph winds, a big tree was felled across my path. As I ran around the tree I noticed that although it was toppled, it still had the bottom of its trunk next to where it had been growing with the others. Because of the connectedness of all their roots underground, the rest were still standing. As perseverance is more deeply rooted I think the easier it is to call upon it when it has been neglected. Or maybe, it just “grows back” more quickly like a dormant plant.

I’m too distracted right now by the 5 year old girls needing attention to develop this thought!

The life of the running mom…duty calls!


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