How long can your intervals be?


The doctor reminded me yesterday that I need to do intervals to maximize weight loss. I can’t always be meandering about at my slow and steady pace for miles and miles (ok, for a few miles!). Later, I realized that I usually run negative splits on my long runs, so my question is, How long can the intervals be to function for max weight loss?

It was a good change to make today, running intervals on the muddy trail. I alternated between faster running, medium running and fast walking. I did this for 54 minutes with an additional half mile warm up/down.

Running faster than normal, breathing heavily, felt good. Usually, I run slower to conserve energy so that I can run as far as possible. (I want to run my first half marathon SOMETIME this year!) I loved pushing hard knowing that the chimes would sound soon on my Podrunner Intervals so I could slow down!

My legs were burning the last 20 minutes of intervals. I didn’t have much energy left at that point, so it was mainly willpower.

Anyway, there are longer intervals on the Podrunner program (get it on itunes), with 10 minute intervals. Would that still have the same effect as 90 second intervals? Or does it go more into burning your fat stores?

Oh sage runners out there let me know your answers!


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