I’m lagging on getting posts!


I have been on many runs since my last post and many more before it, but I’m having a hard time getting to the blog. I write witty and amazing blogs while I’m running, but then it all evaporates by the time I can get to this site. Sigh. I have written a bunch of entries in my paper spiral but that doesn’t help this process at all. lol.

So running has been going well. I overdid it in April and logged 44 miles (my most ever) and did my longest run ever (7.25 mi), but it was a bit much too fast and I’ve had to scale back. This past week I ran every other day (3 x 4 mi; 1x 2 mi), but haven’t gotten in a long distance run in a few weeks. I’m sore from running at times, so I know I am pushing myself. My times have increased 2-3 minutes per mile since the beginning of the year, which is great considering all factors.

My knees hurt a lot from running. I hope that as I lose more weight that will abate. I never had knee problems before. I wonder if I should start taking glucosamine or something like that? hmmm…

I signed up for two challenges on dailymile.com and I’ve got to pick it up if I am going to make it! Gotta do a long run and a bunch of 4-5 milers this week. It’s raining now, so we’ll see how that goes…

Happy Running people!


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