On the road again…


On the road again…TRAIL, on the trail again! (imagine that 70s song, “on the road again”, please)

Today, I drove to the gym and walked into a relatively quiet and dark room. No lights. Hmmm… Ah, no power! Since, I have been feeling really antsy to go running outside on the trails again (I think my last time was last fall?) I decided to try it. Admittedly, I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it; that something would hurt so badly I would have to stop, like on my last trail run; that I wasn’t really healed, nor had done enough strengthening in the gym. You get the idea.

The grin on my face as I was racing along (for me an 11 min first mile pace is fast on the trails) was large. I kept waiting for the hammer to fall, some sharp pain to slow me down, but it never came so I sped up and worked on keeping a relaxed, well-postured form. I felt like I could go much farther, but I was cautious and just ran the 3 miles. Amazingly, still no pain!
As I sit here typing this I am feeling twinges, but that is probably because I was vacuuming downstairs for an hour.

Sweet relief. I am so encouraged.

Hitting the gym tomorrow morning before work.

Yea! I’m running on trails again!


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