Hiking, Yoga and Devotion


Breathe (Erasure song)


I woke up at 4am for some strange reason, so I decided to go walking up the “mountain” trail with the dog at 5:15.  That is the coolest part of the day here. It was about 90 degrees, I think.


It was wonderful! Took time to praise God, pray and breathe in the beauty. As I gazed at the chaparral on the black rocks at sunrise, I realized ALL our worrying, stresses and fears are pointless. Really, all that matters is the LORD. We have to lose our life to save it; like the Buddhist idea of non-attachment (kinda). If I screw up, I screw up. If I do it big time, so what. Small time, so what. God still loves me. AND is WITH me.


I think my prayers during and for my yoga practice, to be able to worship God and learn new ways of being, are starting to be answered already. I really think it is part of my physiological healing. Yesterday in Bikram, I felt anger, irritation, etc during part of the practice. The heat & humidity with the difficulty of it allows my body to release that stored tension. I don’t understand it all, but I’m going with it!English: Bikram Yoga


Does that type of thing ever happen to you when you practice yoga? Or something else?



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