Lessons on the mat


I decided, at the end of April, to become a yoga teacher. I have wanted to do the training for years because I always learn so much when I train to do something, but never could justify the cost. Now, I figured out a way to incorporate it into my coaching work with teens/tweens thanks to the modeling of Believe In She‘s work found in Yoga Journal.  Incorporating yoga with coaching is such a natural step for working with girls and their body image/self-esteem. I’m very excited about this and am doing my training through Yahweh Yoga in Arizona. Also, I am going to various studios 4-7 days a week to learn as much as I can from a variety of teachers and styles.

That said, I am learning so much. Maybe it is because I am older now. When I started yoga years ago I pushed my body into poses and made it really work. Now I am letting go. I rest often. I don’t go as deep and am focusing more on the alignment v. how it looks. My muscles are still shaking at times and I’m always sweating so the “work” is still happening at this more relaxed centered pace.

I truly think that this process is transformative and will enable me to worship God more deeply, to be still before him, to trust more and not push so hard to make things happen. Going to the mat, especially when I am tired or low energy is training me on all levels. I breathe in God’s peace and let go…

My hope is to carry all this to every area of my life.


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