Wake up, it’s your turn to shine


This picture from a NASA study on wingtip vort...

There are those days when I just feel lost. I think, What am I doing? It’s usually in the middle of an overwhelm tornado and I need to find the eye of the calm in all that is pulling for my attention. You would think that it would get easier, but overall that doesn’t happen too much. Partly, it is because I am lost. I have lost my routine that keeps me on track (and that’s saying a lot for a personality that abhors routine!). My healthy daily habits got disrupted for too long and I have completely wandered off the trail. I am lost.

This happens to you also. I know it does. Mabe not as often as for me, but life interrupts your flow too, I know it. Those big changes like moving, new jobs, extensive travel, over work, illness, injury, stresses and challenges beyond your control. Yeah, those things. It happens, creating huge turbulence.

Coming back to the basics usually rights my road, my mind, my mission. Focusing on what is the most important in life. Music can transport me out of that swirling hurricane and leave me standing in the sun on a grassy plain in some brilliant indie movie scene! Sweet relief as I blink in the sun with eyes that had gotten accustomed to too much darkness. The world opens up again.

Sometimes we need a larger vision. This song is about your part in changing the world. It’s called Anthem and I imagine a football stadium full of young people rising up into their destinies. Music can be so incredibly life changing. It can change our mood, perspective, and energy. It plays a large part in my life even though I am not a musician.

If you are low energy today, or feeling overwhelmed, dancing to this rousing anthem will lift you up!

“Wake up child/it’s your turn to shine/you were born for such a time as this…”


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