Toddling through Slumps


I’m going to start posting here about my experience as I go through the Brave Girl Brain/Body Experiment.

It fits right in with the themes of my life for this blog as it will cover body image, food/weight issues, confidence, exercise, priorities, etc. We are starting the mastermind part of this program on Monday and I’m super excited to be able to take this journey with some amazing women.

For me, I think that this is a pivotal time in my life to embrace more of my potential and not let my weaknesses have so much power. I do know that I need a community to accomplish some things in a timely manner. I really don’t want to wait another twenty years to break through these barriers, and at the pace I have been going with set-backs that threw me off track, it would take that long.

My brain is ready to be retrained!

For my runner and yoga friends, I have been in a slump since returning home after a summer away. It seemed that something shifted in me when we entered the redwoods…in the city I was doing yoga daily, walking, running and very active all summer. At first, there wasn’t time when we returned home because of the immense task of moving by downsizing into a large studio. That literally took all my time and physical energy. But, after that two weeks…well, I seemed to be able to easily avoid exercising by my lonesome. The lack of studios, companionship and isolation seemed to seep into my bones and I stopped.

I took small family walks once in a while, but had no desire to do a yoga video by myself. (see the pattern? I understand these are just excuses. But, I have to set up my environment for the greatest success possible. That really is all there is to it. This beautiful environment is just not optimal for me at all. So, I’m hoping the camaraderie of the mastermind will help me over this slump, so that I will go out by myself (like I have so many times in the past).

A few days ago, my house mate and I went for a walk with our dogs. That was wonderful because we ended up running a bit, which felt amazing. I feel amazing after I run. This feeling engulfed me a few weeks ago when I was on a trail hike with my daughter and we ended up sprinting along, playing “chase” until I ate it on a tree root! I’ll hae to post a picture of my am gash here later! We still hiked another hour, but that was a painful fall. Regardless, I can still remember the pure pleasure of the oxygen pumping though my body and the smile on my face as we raced through the redwoods. Glorious.

There were many days when I was dying to go run, to move vigorously and I didn’t. I don’t know what that weirdness is about at all. My body wanted to exercise and I didn’t allow it too. Bizarro.

I am in the pre-contemplation stage, with periodic leaps in action, in regards to my body. The book we are reading for the mastermind talks about the various stages of change. It’s funny how I bounce around so much between them, like a toddler learning to walk.

The goal is to have a real metamorphosis so that the development is complete and I am out running, not toddling around!

I’ll keep you posted on this journey.


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