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“There are no women on my theology bookshelf…”


maggi dawn

Last year on Twitter, someone wrote to me “there are no women on my theology bookshelf. Who should I read?”.

I followed up with a blog list, and was pleased to discover that without even looking up from my screen I could easily think of well over a hundred female theologians, ecclesiastical historians, biblical scholars, sociologists of religion, and others who figure on the theological landscape. More names appeared when I actually looked at my own bookshelf.

Replies flooded in through the comments, adding many more names of women authors – both academic and devotional, theoretical and practical, in every area of the theological landscape. Now the academic year is about to begin again, one or two people have mentioned the post again as a resource – so, incomplete though it is, here is the updated blog post with names added from the comments section.

10897776_469733266514841_7639664988515007378_nWhen people ask about “women…

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Unconditional Love Brings Death


It ain’t easy, this love thing…

The Upside Down World

Unconditional-LoveI’ve come across a number of Christians lately who are questioning the impulse to elevate love above any other concern. Love is too soft and squishy, they say. Love becomes an excuse to avoid hard things like confronting sin and enforcing discipline. One writer even asked if we are in danger of making love an idol. (Perhaps he hasn’t gotten to the part where the bible says that God IS love?!?) 

I have something to tell you about people who say that love is squishy, soft, a cop-out: quite clearly, such a person has never actually attempted to love unconditionally. Loving unconditionally is the hardest thing any human being can ever try to do. Confronting sin? Upsetting friends and family? Setting boundaries and rules? Pffftttt . . . . Those are the simplest, most natural things in the world for the fallen human mind to do. Loving unconditionally? That WILL…

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The life of faith.


“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” ~ Mother Teresa

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Always great to hear how others get themselves moving!

Emotional Fitness

Move your body is one of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.  Some studies show that the right exercises does more for a person than Prozac.

This picture provided  good advice and I hope you got the  little laugh. Both are part of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Training Exercises..


I am more couch potato or perhaps  that should be computer stiff.

I do try to follow my advice and do the exercises as directed.  Which is why when balance problems emerged with age, I invested in an adult tri-cycle.

However, true confessions Move Your Body is  the one exercise in the Daily Twelve that I struggle with.  Even though once I get on it and get out there, I love riding my trik or doing water aerobics.  So I have had to develop a number of different strategies in order to Move…

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I’m lagging on getting posts!


I have been on many runs since my last post and many more before it, but I’m having a hard time getting to the blog. I write witty and amazing blogs while I’m running, but then it all evaporates by the time I can get to this site. Sigh. I have written a bunch of entries in my paper spiral but that doesn’t help this process at all. lol.

So running has been going well. I overdid it in April and logged 44 miles (my most ever) and did my longest run ever (7.25 mi), but it was a bit much too fast and I’ve had to scale back. This past week I ran every other day (3 x 4 mi; 1x 2 mi), but haven’t gotten in a long distance run in a few weeks. I’m sore from running at times, so I know I am pushing myself. My times have increased 2-3 minutes per mile since the beginning of the year, which is great considering all factors.

My knees hurt a lot from running. I hope that as I lose more weight that will abate. I never had knee problems before. I wonder if I should start taking glucosamine or something like that? hmmm…

I signed up for two challenges on and I’ve got to pick it up if I am going to make it! Gotta do a long run and a bunch of 4-5 milers this week. It’s raining now, so we’ll see how that goes…

Happy Running people!