The life of faith.


“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” ~ Mother Teresa

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Always great to hear how others get themselves moving!

Emotional Fitness

Move your body is one of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.  Some studies show that the right exercises does more for a person than Prozac.

This picture provided  good advice and I hope you got the  little laugh. Both are part of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Training Exercises..


I am more couch potato or perhaps  that should be computer stiff.

I do try to follow my advice and do the exercises as directed.  Which is why when balance problems emerged with age, I invested in an adult tri-cycle.

However, true confessions Move Your Body is  the one exercise in the Daily Twelve that I struggle with.  Even though once I get on it and get out there, I love riding my trik or doing water aerobics.  So I have had to develop a number of different strategies in order to Move…

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Presidential Faith


I think this is a good summary article about what people think of the President’s faith.

CNN Belief Blog

By John Blake, CNN

President Barack Obama was sharing a pulpit one day with a conservative Christian leader when a revealing exchange took place.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, a conservative Christian who has taken public stands against abortion and same-sex marriage, had joined Obama for an AIDS summit. They were speaking before a conservative megachurch filled with white evangelicals.

When Brownback rose to speak, he joked that he had joined Obama earlier at an NAACP meeting where Obama was treated like Elvis and he was virtually ignored. Turning to Obama, a smiling Brownback said, “Welcome to my house!”

The audience exploded with laughter and applause. Obama rose, walked before the congregation and then declared:

“There is one thing I have to say, Sam. This is my house, too. This is God’s house.”

Historians may remember Obama as the nation’s first black president, but he’s also a religious pioneer. He’s…

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Comparing Yourself to Death…

Latidoll size comparison

Latidoll size comparison (Photo credit: susan402)

Comparing yourself to others is like a death wish—albeit a slow one. You might think I am being dramatic, and of course I am, BUT that does not negate the truth of my statement. Here’s why:  Every day we make choices, thousands of little choices, some medium choices and once in a while some real biggies. These decisions and actions have a cumulative effect on our whole being.

The other day, I needed the wisdom of teens to bring me back into balance. Their creativity and willingness to be authentic reminded me of who I used to be as a kid. Sure I had insecurities and self-doubt like any teen, but I also did what I pleased most of the time and didn’t care what most people thought of me.

I was watching Gala Darling’s talk on self-love  and was reminded of how important it is to stay away from certain media sources, since society’s message to women about our bodies is not exactly…accepting.

That got me thinking about an area I have always struggled in relation to comparing myself with others (with me being the loser) and that is PROGRESS.  Usually, this is in relation to professional aspirations. When I was younger it was academic/intellectual. I wasn’t judging other people. I didn’t look at people that were behind me in any sort of linear way, only those that were ahead.

Common things like, after always having been ahead of many others,  I changed my tune and went my own way– yet, kept comparing myself to the “progress” of those who had continued on the predictable linear achievement path.

Nice of me, huh?

This went on for a long time until I became ill with something the doctors could never figure out. I finally had to accept that I was more than my brain (which at that point was foggy and slow due to toxicity) and I might never have my quick mind back if things kept going as they were. I was more than my progress–whatever that may have been.

It was kind of freeing in a way, after I got over the depression of it. I had to look beneath achievement into what really made up my core being—my essence, my self-worth. When I finally came to terms with this and my dreams of getting a Ph.D. seemed impossible, I suddenly got better (after emergency surgery).

I was determined to do something else than run on the track of gathering “tickets” to prove my worth to some unknown person.

Now years later, after a successful career in private practice, time off and adopting our wonderful daughter, I decided to go back into the solo-preneur world and start up my coaching business again.

So how does comparison come in? Well, it’s that media thing that got me again. It’s good to learn from others that are farther along than you, but to be constantly bombarded with messages about being successful, making more money, having more clients, getting over your fears and mastering the latest technology or next best thing…well; it warps your mind a little bit. It becomes hard for a former “performer” to rise to all the challenges thrown her way (and I hold the term “former” very loosely in my hands!).

I have a vision, I have training, I know what I need to do professionally.  The constant reminder that I could be better, learn more, make more more more of everything was getting into my psyche. I started to compare myself to other women, younger than me, that had achieved more in their coaching practices.

And the anxiety was building.

I started getting irritable, tense, upset, worried and feeling overwhelmed by all I had not done yet. Sound familiar to anyone?

Then, I listen to these kids and remember what is important. It’s definitely NOT comparing myself to others. I have my own vision, my own path, and don’t need to follow anyone else’s. I want a slower pace. It’s okay to me if I never become a millionaire.

I’m okay.

Once I listened to that voice again, the anxiety miraculously lifted. The tension left. I am choosing life; choosing the things that bring me joy, fulfillment and happiness AND this does not involve unconsciously comparing myself to other’s choices.

The Neurology of Belief & Disbelief



Very interesting study on this topic. How does belief show up in the brain?

Check out the link below to see the images.



Our Bodies


We need to love our bodies in all their imperfections and wonderfulness! I love this photograph and like to feel its joy as I think about loving my body even more so that I cherish, honor and treat it with only goodness.

Toddling through Slumps


I’m going to start posting here about my experience as I go through the Brave Girl Brain/Body Experiment.

It fits right in with the themes of my life for this blog as it will cover body image, food/weight issues, confidence, exercise, priorities, etc. We are starting the mastermind part of this program on Monday and I’m super excited to be able to take this journey with some amazing women.

For me, I think that this is a pivotal time in my life to embrace more of my potential and not let my weaknesses have so much power. I do know that I need a community to accomplish some things in a timely manner. I really don’t want to wait another twenty years to break through these barriers, and at the pace I have been going with set-backs that threw me off track, it would take that long.

My brain is ready to be retrained!

For my runner and yoga friends, I have been in a slump since returning home after a summer away. It seemed that something shifted in me when we entered the redwoods…in the city I was doing yoga daily, walking, running and very active all summer. At first, there wasn’t time when we returned home because of the immense task of moving by downsizing into a large studio. That literally took all my time and physical energy. But, after that two weeks…well, I seemed to be able to easily avoid exercising by my lonesome. The lack of studios, companionship and isolation seemed to seep into my bones and I stopped.

I took small family walks once in a while, but had no desire to do a yoga video by myself. (see the pattern? I understand these are just excuses. But, I have to set up my environment for the greatest success possible. That really is all there is to it. This beautiful environment is just not optimal for me at all. So, I’m hoping the camaraderie of the mastermind will help me over this slump, so that I will go out by myself (like I have so many times in the past).

A few days ago, my house mate and I went for a walk with our dogs. That was wonderful because we ended up running a bit, which felt amazing. I feel amazing after I run. This feeling engulfed me a few weeks ago when I was on a trail hike with my daughter and we ended up sprinting along, playing “chase” until I ate it on a tree root! I’ll hae to post a picture of my am gash here later! We still hiked another hour, but that was a painful fall. Regardless, I can still remember the pure pleasure of the oxygen pumping though my body and the smile on my face as we raced through the redwoods. Glorious.

There were many days when I was dying to go run, to move vigorously and I didn’t. I don’t know what that weirdness is about at all. My body wanted to exercise and I didn’t allow it too. Bizarro.

I am in the pre-contemplation stage, with periodic leaps in action, in regards to my body. The book we are reading for the mastermind talks about the various stages of change. It’s funny how I bounce around so much between them, like a toddler learning to walk.

The goal is to have a real metamorphosis so that the development is complete and I am out running, not toddling around!

I’ll keep you posted on this journey.