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Running with Listening in Mind


running legsI went running a few days ago and it was an amazing experience! I haven’t had a regular running practice in over a year due to injury. The last time I ran, over 3 months ago, I barely made it a quarter mile before an old calf injury flared up and I had to hobble home.

I really love running. One reason is because of my fond memories of it as a youth soccer player, as well as, a stint running track and cross-country (I couldn’t hack the individual pressure back then as a 13 year old, made it through one season and continued on with my team sport!). I’ve continued running on and off my whole adult life with very long stretches (years) of not doing any at all.

The first time I get out there after a long break I remember what I love about it so much. It just feels good in my muscle memory, fills me with positive body chemicals and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus, when you haven’t been able to run for long periods due to severe multiple injuries or other factors, you don’t take it for granted when the joy of this type of movement is given back to you again. I take it for the gift that it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I need my yoga, but my heart flies when I run–Which is actually really good, because I am so slow that is the only thing that is flying!

Our dirt road


I only ran about a mile on our dirt road that day, but that was more than I expected I could do in the midday heat. My former inner athlete wanted to go farther and push it, but I listened to my body and stopped when my back started giving me some twingy signals.

My thighs were so sore within 48 hours, I had to move very slowly when changing position from sitting to standing. Hilarious. Even the pain made me happy.

I’ll be taking this really slow this time, especially since I’m coming off a bizarre hip injury (from moving) and I’ll be sure to visit my chiropractor regularly. Fortunately, he knows how to shove my ITB back into the origin and insertion points when my muscle goes weak. That seems to happen a lot. Sigh.

But, I love it, so I keep coming back to it. My attitude is changed even more since my last season of running trails. I listened to my body then, but still pushed it too hard, because I ignored it! Now I’ve learned some better strategies for tuning into what my body is telling me and actually acting on that.

Interestingly enough, the coaching I did last spring on being a mindful eater has translated into all other areas of my life. I find that the principals I use in my own coaching business, also, have that same expanding effect.

What have you been discovering about yourself lately? Any news? I would love to hear about it!

Here’s to happy running!pink running shoes