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B.A.B #1 Power, Joy & Strength

English: Hope Solo

English: Hope Solo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning while I lay in bed awake at 4:30 am, the words Power, Joy and Strength were running through my mind. Recently, I watched an informercial on athletic workout DVDs that focused on giving a person the hard work out of an elite athlete. Olympic athletes, like Apollo Ono and Hope Solo, were in the video promoting it. On the topic of power, Ono commented that without explosive power at the end of a race, power that you can draw on when your muscles are absolutely exhausted, you won’t be winning any gold medals.

We need to develop that type of power in our lives when we accomplish various tasks also. We might not have the pressure of an Olympic medal hanging over us, but we can still use the same idea.

To get the power, you train and push yourself beyond your limits, when you are exhausted at the end and want to quit. Then of course, you recover from that workout, so that your Strength builds also. This is nothing like pushing yourself beyond your limits on the road to burnout.

This is strategically planned and executed for the maximum results. A vital part of any training is the rest period. Without that, you’ll never reach your potential.

I like being practical and having techniques and tools and strategies that are effective to advance in my goals in life. It is important to have a roadmap, so you actually arrive at your destination one day. Now, I love a good rabbit hole and less traveled road as any person with an adventurous spirit, but there are times I have to contain myself with some parameters so that I don’t wander so far off course (which can be very exciting) that I never arrive. Life is about the process and I get that, but my world view does not include endless reincarnations of the soul. There comes a point when this dimension of life is over and your soul, yourself, moves on to another dimension of eternity.  Getting to that point is the ultimate end in a sense. Metaphors involving running the race and finishing strong are sprinkled all through the writings of St. Paul.

That tension of living in the process, in the present moment, for that is all we have really, we can’t live in the past or future, combined with having an actual completion of this phase of life as we know it here on earth…well, that tension is challenging to live within. If you are too focused on crossing the finish line, so to speak, you miss everything that makes up your “life” in the here and now.

There can be no joy without being here now. Joy is not something that you run after, instead you invite it in during the mundane and exciting details of your everyday life. There has to be joy experienced, allowed, absorbed during the process or there really never is any joy at all

Joy can be found in all situations and states of being, although some are a lot harder than other to see it. Those elite athletes didn’t always experience joy doing their grueling workouts, but many times they did. The joy of concentration, effort and pain, even, are all included. The afterglow of joy in the sense and actuality of the accomplishment is also a part of this.

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